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The Only APAC Cloud Expo Achieving Business & IT Agility through Advanced Social, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud Technology

The Cloud World Forum Asia returns for the 5th year from the 24 – 26 November 2014 to Hong Kong, maintaining its place as the only content-led CONFERENCE AND EXPO for the Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market in the APAC region.

Achieving true enterprise mobility is about more than deploying cloud computing. Cloud is the powerful platform needed to achieve business and IT agility, however cross device enterprise application management, integration of communication and social media, as well as data analytics are the game changers for the successful enterprises, SMEs and Start-Ups of the future.

Recognising the unification of these ICT trends and opportunities, Cloud World Forum Asia combines new case studies from across the SMAC: Social Media, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud landscape in the APAC region.

Incorporating a Big Data & Analytics stream, Enterprise Apps & Mobility stream, Google Theatre, AWS workshops and two dedicated Cloud streams, the Cloud World Forum Asia responds to the rapidly growing demand for IT infrastructure and cross device software offering the security, flexibility and strength needed to advance growing businesses.

The multiple agendas making up the event run simultaneously and draw together case studies from cross-sector enterprises and SMEs achieving IT agility through cloud and multi device applications; in addition to the telecom operators, solution providers and application developers excelling in enabling these advanced IT services.

Join 500+ IT decision makers, application developers, mobile network operators, and providers delivering cloud, data analytics and consumer insight, application management, virtualisation, system integration, mobile device management, security, business intelligence, CRM, ERM and ERP solutions.

Join the leading content led conference and exhibition for the Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market in Hong Kong - register here today.

Move through packed conference streams examining the:

  • Enterprise’s Cloud Computing Needs & Advances
  • Telco Provider’s YOY ROI from the Cloud Market
  • Efficient Big Data Management & Opportunities Enabled by Progressive Analytics
  • Application Security, Cross-Device Software & Ease of Integration

Why do we want to bring the Cloud World Forum Asia to you?

  • 1 trip + 500 Delegates = Efficient Use of Your Personal & Business Time
  • 100  Speakers = Fast Lessons with the Minimum Effort
  • 50 x (Sponsors + Exhibitors) = Quick Updates & LIVE
  • Demonstrations on the Newest Solutions - Tiresome Product Pitches
  • Enterprise Apps + Cross Device Software Knowledge = Fast Technical Implementation + Staff Understanding & Adoption
  • World class enterprise & government organisation IT experts dominating the Enterprise agenda in driving innovation, cutting costs and boosting productivity across the APAC region
  • Telco and OTT cloud providers enabling their new found IT agility
  • Application developers who have that je ne sais quoi when it comes to supporting the cross device software needs of today’s enterprises and SMEs!

Join the leading content led conference and exhibition for the Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market in Hong Kong - register here today.

  • Case studies on ‘3rd Platform’ Technologies: Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud. This year's opening plenary and 3 dedicated streams in Enterprise ensure these hot topics are comprehensively covered!
  • Enterprise Apps & Mobility Stream – case studies delivered from businesses’ successfully building employee focused, as well as customer facing applications.
  • Big Data & Analytics – dedicated stream looking at what Asian companies are doing to gain advanced customer insight and leverage upcoming social platforms and analytical tools.
  • Google Theatre – providing content live on the theatre floor!
  • RETURNING  - The ever strong, Telco Stream – maintaining the Cloud World Forum Asia’s position as the only event dedicated to helping regional telecom players become star cloud providers!

Join the leading content led conference and exhibition for the Enterprise IT & Telco Cloud Market in Hong Kong - register here today. 

"Cloud Asia strikes the right balance between the hardware and telecom infrastructure plus the needs of the enterprise and the software by running two separate streams at the same event. This greatly expands the event so that practitioners can get the latest information they need and can therefore use"
Managing Partner, Asia Policy Partners LLC


"I would like to thank you for the AMAZING job you guys have done. Everything was planned and executed VERY Professionally. The expectations from the event were absolutely met. My personal appreciation and thanks to you for the utmost professionalism and dedication you exhibited in ensuring that during the Networking sessions I got all the relevant meetings I expected and wanted."
"Director – South East Asia, Parallels


"This is definitely a valuable network event for professionals involved in Cloud Computing technologies and businesses."
Chief Operating Officer, MPayMe Limited


"Cloud World Forum Asia has been a powerful channel to insightful sessions and compelling business conversations. I appreciated the care and diligence taken to address key global markets."
CEO, AppDirect


"The Cloud World forum has been the international go-to gathering for carriers cloud and cloud service brokerage. The conference in Hong Kong was an intimate gathering of the leaders across Asia and the world."
Sales Enginer, Safnet, Hong Kong


"Very pleasant service and great management on site. Thanks for letting us interact with different organisations, the one to one meetings and enabling us to present our technology in front of the cloud community."
Head Ip, Cloud of Data Centre, PLDT


"Great network opportunity, as well as high quality pool of speakers with useful insights."
Cloud Leader, ASEAN Cisco Systems Inc


"Good event! True to promise & very productive."
AVP Tech+Apps, PCCW Global


"Good to see a lot of high level telecom people from Asia all in the same room."
CEO, Anovy Ltd


Join the - ONLY CONTENT LED EXPO IN THE APAC REGION! - register here today.

Very energetic participation of the APJ community showing great progress in cloud computing market for this region

Global Lead, HP

The best event for service providers looking to find out what’s happening with Cloud Computing

Manager, China Telecom

Particularly interesting to hear the ROI other operators are achieving in the region

Vice President, PCCW

A great event in seeing what’s happening with Telco Cloud all over Asia/Pacific, from all angles

Head of Cloud Strategy, KT

Speaking Enquiries

Lucy Ashton Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 6089

Sponsorship & Exhibition Enquiries

Dominic Halpin Tel: +44 (0) 2070177167

Marketing Enquiries

Rebecca Lock Tel: +44 (0) 20 701 74669


Customer Services Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 5529