big-data-asiaMore Asia Pacific companies are making better and faster business decisions based on big data however; many companies are still unaware of the benefits and capabilities of related technologies such as data mining, business intelligence and consumer insight.

Our dedicated Big Data & Analytics agenda showcasing best practice from the Asian businesses pioneering big data and analytics, to bring up to date case studies from IT decision makers, Heads of Data Analytics, Strategy & Reporting, Technology & Operations, Customer Analytics & Decisioning, Business Analytics, Data Strategy & Governance, Marketing Analytics, etc.

The agenda explore and overcomes challenges faced by companies when managing big data and monetising the insight brought by it, addressing obstacles such as lack of skilled human resource, out of date IT infrastructure and deciding which data is relevant.

Discover the cost and operational benefits brought by implementing the right approach to big data and analytics, as well as the advances being made by companies with social media when confronting customer dis-satisfaction and churn.

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