Join us on Thursday 25th November 2015 from: 08:00 – 08:55 at the 6th Cloud Asia Forum for a dedicated Breakfast Briefing on Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Corporate IT delivered by Deepak Mandani, CEO & Founder of Paperclip.

Could Uber have come out of a corporate? What does innovation mean for corporates and how does a corporate begin to innovate like a startup? Do they have to? These are questions that Deepak, founder of Paperclip Startup Campus and serial entrepreneur, often challenges corporates while he also trains startups to be better entrepreneurs. 

Innovation is risky; the famous startup statistic is that 9 out of 10 startups fail.  The number one reason startups fail is due to building a product or service that no one wants.  On the other hand, corporate business models are being challenged by these upstarts, so how do they respond?  Corporates are famous for IP but are challenged when it comes to innovation, which Deepak simply refers to as ‘commercialising IP’, turning ideas into successful products or services.

The big insighttodayis the language of innovation used for startups, made famous by Steve Blank, god father of the ‘lean startup’ movement and Deepak takes these ideas and applies them to corporates. This breakfast session aims to shed light on what’s going on with startup innovation, what’s working and how corporates can adapt these tools to their structures.

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About the trainer 

Founder of Paperclip Startup Campus and self proclaimed “Failure Specialist”; he has been through several challenging founder journeys and understands clearly the needs of early stage entrepreneurs and the difficulties they face in building their startups.  He was born in Hong Kong and educated in Switzerland and the US, in Georgetown University, with a double major in Finance and International Business.  He has lived and worked in Chile, Poland, Czech Republic, China, India, Dubai and Hong Kong. 

Deepak is fascinated by innovation, which he describes as ‘commercializing ideas’ and thus founded Paperclip.  Paperclip is a unique combination of Cowork and Serviced Offices, with an Innovation Academy.   The Innovation Academy is where entrepreneurs and corporates learn best practices to validate new ideas, build successful businesses and get investor ready.  The academy uses the most effective start-up development curriculum commonly known as the Lean Startup and Business Model Canvas tools.
Deepak currently manages companies in Hong Kong and China in supply chain management and product design.  He is a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum, mentors start-ups, runs innovation leadership sessions for corporates, angel invests and writes about Corporate and Startup Innovation – his articles can be seen here:

 Paperclip Paperclip is Hong Kong’s first dedicated startup campus which uniquely combines a Startup Academy with Cowork Space. Paperclip’s mission is to raise Hong Kong’s startup standards. The academy focuses on the lean startup methodologies and business model canvas tools. The beautifully designed, 5000 square feet space is located in Sheung Wan, the ‘new Central’ for startups, and is equipped with office, cowork, meeting, classroom and event space.