Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong

Junior Chamber International Hong Kong 

In late 1940’s, Hong Kong was recovering from the Second World War.  There were urgent needs and great opportunity for local community leaders to contribute to its social and economic development.  The Jaycees thus found their role in the making of Hong Kong.

A group of dynamic young men of various nationalities and backgrounds were inspired by Junior Chamber International (JCI) to form the Hong Kong Junior Chamber (Jaycees) in 1950. In line with the adoption of JCI Corporate Identity Program in 2003, the name then changed to Junior Chamber International Hong Kong and a new office was acquired to accommodate future expansion. 

Since inception, JCI Hong Kong has launched numerous projects echoed the needs of the society. That include the “Children Library” in the 50’s, the “Dragon Seed Races” for the boat people in typhoon shelters in the 60’s, the first “Ten Outstanding Young Persons Selection”, “Earth Population Awareness Program” for the Family Council and the first “Solar Heating System” for energy save in youth camp site in the 70’s, “Children Drawing Competition” and “Outstanding Young Students Selection” in the 80’s, the “One Plus One – Support Direct Election Campaign” in the 90’s, the “Right Decisions Program” promoting core value in the 00’s and the United Nations “Millennium Development Goals” and “Global Compact” Programs, the “CEO Forum” and the “Change Maker Forum” in recent years.

Currently, JCI Hong Kong has twenty affiliated chapters with about 2,000 members.  The JCI active members are between the ages of 18 and 40.

Each year, the Board of Directors are elected and appointed by the general assembly. All the directors are on voluntary basis. The incumbent national president shall be the spoke person of the organization.

The 20 local organizations are:

  1. JCI Victoria
  2. JCI Kowloon
  3. JCI Island
  4. JCI Peninsula
  5. JCI Hong Kong Jayceettes
  6. JCI Lion Rock
  7. JCI Harbour
  8. JCI Yuen Long
  9. JCI Tai Ping Shan
  10. JCI Bauhinia
  11. JCI Dragon
  12. JCI East Kowloon
  13. JCI City
  14. JCI Queensway
  15. JCI North District
  16. JCI Ocean
  17. JCI Sha Tin
  18. JCI Apex
  19. JCI City Lady
  20. JCI Tsuen Wan