Software World and Database & Network Journal

Software World and Database & Network Journal werefirst published over 45 years ago with the intention of providing interpretative analysis of computer software and database knowledge as it emerged. During 2015 the magazines continue to be one of the most respected journals throughout the industry.

Both journals have a worldwide readership of academics and university students including the ever increasing FarEast and Indian markets.

Translated versions of Software World and Database & Network Journal are also published in the Peoples Republic of China by the Shanghai World Publishing Corporation.

To help maintain this program into the future, we always welcome information fromreaders on new software and database developments for publication, including features and technical white papers.

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Database & Network Journal and Software World Outline

Established 45 years.

These established text only journals are subscription based with a worldwide circulation. 30 text only pages include white papers, surveys, opinion pieces and Show previews and reviews. Readership includes academies and universities.

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Published by A.P.Publications Ltd