August Chan 100x100Ahead of the event we caught up with August Chan, Head of IT, Delta Asia. Check out what he has to say:

 What does your role involve and how is technology helping your organisation grow and reach more customers? What is the role of Cloud Computing in this?

“Relating to Cloud Computing, Delta Asia had reviewed two possible implementations this year. One was cloud based CRM and the other was setting up DR at ASP site.To improve our cross-selling and up-selling result, we needed to deploy a CRM system. To have a shorter deployment lead time and less up-front investment, we had seriously study several SaaS solutions…”

What do you consider as the three main challenges for wide Cloud Computing adoption in Asia and how do you anticipate they can be overcome?

” The three main challenges on cloud adoption would be, regulatory requirement / privacy ordinance, rights to control or extend of influence of the cloud platform and, data security concern…”