In making their decision, our judging panel may consider the following criteria:

  • What’s new, different or unique in terms of the delivery of the product/service/project
  • The complexity of the service and how it is represented in terms of ease-of-use for the end-user
  • The service’s position as a global and local market innovator
  • Unique implementation features
  • Pricing and value for money

Submission Questions:

  • Name of Product
  • URL link to product (if applicable)
  • Please describe the nature, business case and aim of your product/service/project (500 words max)
  • Please describe the impact of your product/service/project on the market (300 words)
  • Please describe why this product/service/project deserves winning the award as “Best in Class”. What is new or unique about the entry and what are the key benefits for client (s) as a result? In doing so, please try to explain how your offering differs from your competitors? (300 words)

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