1446201493-speakerWho are Bistip and how are you shaking up the Indonesian market?

” Bistip is Peer to Peer market place for social delivery through which item seekers and travellers are connected. Bistip travellers can post their trips in the platform visible to everyone and item seekers offer them extra money for bringing them their desired items.  Currently Bistip has close to 35,000 customers and more than 100,000 web visits per month…with the adoption of smartphone and cloud based technologies it’s faster and easier to scale and roll out services to more people now…”

How is technology helping you grow and reach new customers?

“Our customer acquisition strategy is 100% digitally focussed; we are also using online advertising tools to reach out to new customers. We are actively using digital technology and analytics to reach our target audience and demography based on respective products…” 

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