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Name of Asset: Quick Start Guide to Cloud Computing 


In this Quick Start Guide to providing managed services for cloud computing, you’ll learn the Eight Steps that IT service providers have already taken to cloud success. Nearly all the components of an on-premise data center are being offered now “as-a-Service” by way of cloud architectures. Understand what these service models are, how they work, and how you can package them as part of your solutions portfolio.


Name of Asset: Quick Start Guide to Accelerating Your Cloud Business, Intermediate 

As a solution provider, you hold a position of trust as far as your customers are concerned. Your customers want you to teach them about the options that are available to them and tell them which solution best fits their needs. Cloud offers you an opportunity for recurring revenue streams through good advice. This guide was created for solution providers and offers unique insight into the specific actions you can take to grow revenue in the cloud. It offers an understanding of the players in cloud and how the landscape is developing. It also highlights the importance of leading the conversation with your customers.


Name of content: Quick Start Guide to IT Security 

IT security is constantly changing, which means it can be hard for businesses to keep up. However, making sure your clients are adequately protected is a must. This guide educates solution providers on the importance of providing clients with up-to-date IT security, identifies the risks of inadequate or poor security, and examines the technology shifts and factors affecting security in in the workplace.



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CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark

The CompTIA Managed Services Trustmark is only given to companies who provide on-premise IT services. Companies who earn our Managed Services Trustmark have proven that they are truly committed to their customers by providing everything promised in the managed services agreement, such as standard operating procedures, best practices, and the right systems and tools for delivering services. Learn more by clicking here.