Bradden Wondra

SVP & CTO, Growth Markets

Bradden is Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Pearson’s Growth markets with a responsibility that spans the largest and fastest-growing economies globally. With diverse cultural and demographic landscapes in markets such as China, India, Brazil, South Africa, and the Middle East, Bradden leads the team accelerating Pearson’s global shift to digital with measurably improved learner outcomes alongside the company commitment to its goal of helping people make progress in their lives through learning. Through Pearson’s efficacy framework and with technology at scale Pearson is both partnering with public and private institutions and in some cases owning and operating our own schools
and universities to achieve these goals. Bradden’s role as SVP/CTO provides leadership instrumental in supporting company strategy, client advisory, operational developments, and effective change programs that affect all learning programs for Pearson within these major markets. In a recent example of this work, Bradden has been instrumental in setting a new agenda for Pearson’s own university’s in South Africa and the Middle East, covering such things as learner management, next generation content, and mobile learning enablement.

Bradden has 20 years of experience in the technology industry, specialising in the creation and delivery of global and regional software and market development plans. He also brings with him skill in promoting integration and performance accompanied by a deep knowledge of the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Pearson Bradden worked for Hewlett Packard as CTO for Enterprise Services, Asia Pacific & Japan. He and his team assisted the HP Enterprise Services business unit in delivering new technology-enabled services helping clients reduce cost and complexity whilst harnessing innovation to better serve their customers. Before that, he led the HP Personal Systems Group web services team. In this capacity, Bradden acquired and integrated multiple consumer-facing web services companies into HP, and launched a personal productivity web suite that bundled onto HP personal computers. Bradden was also Director of Consumer Imaging Services, Greater Asia Region for Kodak, where he developed and executed Kodak’s online and mobile imaging strategy across Greater Asia.

In addition to management roles within large MNCs, he has also set up and run his own software services company, Silverwire, which was acquired by HP and integrated into their retail printing business.

Bradden graduated from the University of Chicago and speaks fluent French, German, Spanish and Mandarin.