Toa Charm

Founder and Chairperson, BI, Big Data SIG
Hong Kong Computer Society

DBA, M.A., B.Sc., CBIP (TDWI), Big Data Certification (MIT), MHKCS

Founder and Chairperson, BI & Big Data SIG, Hong Kong Computer Society

Vice President, Hong Kong Computer Society

Director, Big Data Elite Asia


Dr. Charmhas gained more than 25 years of management experience from leading multinational and Chinese companies.  He was the associate partner of IBM Global Business Services, the regional head of BI Competence Centre for HSBC Asia Pacific, the general manager of Oracle (BI Division) and Hyperion Greater China, the general manager of Kingdee Asia Pacific, and the executive manager of Jardine Pacific.  Dr. Charm specializes in business and digital strategy, BI and big data, business transformation and innovation, customer experience and loyalty management, Chinese enterprises transformation and internationalization.

Dr. Charm is the chairperson and founder of the BI and Big Data SIG (BISIG) for Hong Kong Computer Society which aims to empower Asia to compete with analytics through nurturing BI and big data experts and facilitating collaborations between business and IT leaders.  Dr. Charm envisions that big data can bring revolutionary changes to enterprises in Asia. He founded Big Data Elite Asia with aims to help traditional enterprises in Asia transform their business models through innovative use of big data and related technologies and nurture big data startups in Asia through providing professional advisory services on strategy, management, marketing and funding for the entrepreneurs.  He is a TDWI Certified BI Professional and completed a Big Data Certification Program of MIT.  Dr. Charm is also the vice president of Hong Kong Computer Society with responsibility of professional development including big data, social media, cloud, mobility, IOT, etc.  

Dr. Charm is adjunct professor and advisor of a number of leading universities including University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University (Beijing), Fudan University (Shanghai), Sun Yat-Sen University (Guangzhou) and University of Macau. He designs and delivers training programs on management, marketing, big data and IT subjects for Chinese and multinational enterprises.  Dr. Charm also founded Global Leaders Asia to nurture Asian leaders to compete in global markets.  He often shares his knowledge with business leaders and IT professionals from different industries by acting as chair, speaker and moderator for international and local business and IT forums.

Dr. Charm received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from City University of Hong Kong with research area on Core Competence and Business Intelligence.  He possesses MBA and B.Sc., and completed senior executive programs from Harvard, MIT, UC-Berkeley and CEIBS.  Dr. Charm is writing two books on strategy and big data to be published in 2014.  He is also appointed as advisors of a few universities and associations.