Cloud Asia provides a unique and free opportunity for Telecom Operators to connect and discuss their challenges and successes with peers on how to orchestrate their strategy on becoming successful Cloud computing providers.

The dedicated Telco stream will cover all main challenges faced by Telcos and present unheard insights into orchestrating the transformation from on Operator to a successful Cloud provider. Understanding the Operator’s role in the Cloud ecosystem, based on the established relationships with the Enterprises as an infrastructure provider, will be examined from a commercial perspective. More specifically, leading regional and global Operators will expose their strategies on Go-to-Market Cloud: What do Telcos sell best and how to sell

Expert representatives from PCCW Global, Towngas Telecommunications Company, China Mobile, BT and Reliance Communications will share their experience in this, behind closed doors high-level meeting and cover key themes such as:

  • Trends and market road map of Telco Cloud services and products
  • Leveraging your know-how as an established infrastructure provider
  • Innovative sales strategies to become a competitive regional cloud provider
  • Developing consultative services and establishing the company as a trusted enterprise advisor
  • Leveraging on your deep network capacity and data centre expertise
  • Building your clientele: Starting with ‘home-grown’ customers
  • Best ways of promoting your cloud offerings
  • Leveraging the historical relationship with enterprises
  • Differentiating your products and value proposition
  • Challenges around pricing and billing
  • How to move up the value chain considering the OTT customers
  • SLAs, lead times, customer portals, account management and more might hinder your relationship building efforts
  • Analysing the SMB Customer and How to Win Them Over

Download the agenda here to read more.