Recently, Telstra sponsored the Cloud Tech Forum in Hong Kong where senior IT decision makers and leaders from around APAC joined together to hear some of the world’s foremost thinkers discuss their insights and thoughts on cloud technology trends.

Source Telstra Johnny DeppOne of these speakers was Sundi Balu, our esteemed technology evangelist and Chief Information Officer for Telstra GES – International. When we were discussing subject matters for Sundi to speak about at the event, it was clear one of his current technologies ‘du- jour’ was Analytics. For those of you who aren’t sure what Analytics is, it’s basically the cloud computing to cloud computing – the next big thing in IT. Whilst cloud computing is about how and where you store your data, Analytics is about how you use that data.

Analytics is sorting the plethora of data an organisation produces, using a combination of intelligent software and hardware into intelligent information used for decision making. What makes this information intelligent is that it is either served up faster (real time) or is made of up of information traditional analytics could not uncover – or both!Source Telstra - graph

Sundi spoke candidly about how business challenges for CIOs are now more varied than ever. Whilst 10 years ago it was all about IT as a commodity and reducing costs, now organisations are looking to their IT group to add value and services to help streamline their business or help their business grow. No longer is IT seen as a support system only.

And the reason Sundi was so excited to share his expertise in Analytics was evident – it works. He revealed how Telstra has been successful in implementing a Common Information Model to drive Analytics using key Analytics software players Pivotal and Alteryx and how Telstra was now a more streamlined business due to the deliverables provided by this model. It is evident that we are living the future of Analytics.

But don’t be scared by Analytics.

While we don’t all know what it is yet, we also don’t realise the potential and power of Analytics for our businesses.

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